Arsenal is seriously interested in signing KarimBenzema

Arsene Wenger is being very active in this summer transfer window as the French manager has already signed a number of players including: PetrCech, Joel Campbell and ChubaAkpom but this is far from over for Arsenal as the Premier League club is still targeting a few more players.

Signing PetrCech is a huge accomplishment as Arsenal has secured the services of a veteran player who is thirsty on getting back into the pitch and snatching a regular spot at the Emirates Stadium and this is what he struggled to do during his last few years with Chelsea.

PetrCech has already demonstrated that even at his 33 years of age, he still has what it takes to compete against the best players in the world and this is why Arsenal opted to sign him but there is someone else who has entered the radar of Arsene Wenger and it’s Real Madrid’s KarimBenzema.

It’s believed that the new manager of Real Madrid, Rafael Benitez has plans of putting C.Ronaldo into a more central attacking figure in the Spanish club and Benzema might have to be offloaded in order for this to happen.

KarimBenzema might not be the flashiest player in the world of football but the French attacker still manages to stand out despite being in a team with is filled with world class players. In the previous season of La Liga, Benzema was the 9th highest goal-scorer as he found the back of the net on 15 occasions and provided his teammates with 10 assists.

If Benzema is indeed available to be signed by any club during the summer transfer window, Arsenall will face competition as there are other clubs that would be interested in signing Benzema and one of these teams is Manchester United.

Robin van Persie is believed to be on the verge of leaving Manchester United and the Premier League club will have to search around the transfer market for a new striker who can play alongside Wayne Rooney.