Real Madrid’s Karin Benzema is on the radar Arsenal as the Premier League club is still trying to find a player that can go alongside Giroud in the pitch. Although a move for the 26 years old Frenchman might be harder to get considering that Benzema is a regular starter for Ancelotti.

Not only that but Benzema seems to be happy playing in Real Madrid as he is playing an important role for Real Madrid and their journey to dethrone Barcelona in La Liga as well as helping the Spanish titans on winning the Champions League.

The Frenchman recently talked about the 2014 World Cup as France was pitted in a group against Honduras, Switzerland and Ecuador. Benzema said that playing in a competition such as the World Cup is the best thing that can happen to anyone in their career as he spoke to the media.

‘’For a player being able to participate in a World Cup is the single best thing that can occur in his career. It is a chance to play at a higher level and with the best players in the world, it’s a dream’’.
‘’I think it is not going to be an easy group as every team and nation have different playing styles. We will do everything we can to advance into the next stages. It is true that we had luck in being placed into this group. This will be my 1st World Cup and in a country like Brazil, I am sure it will be special and different than many others’’

‘’We will have to face off against good teams. We have to play our very best football if we really want to get as far as possible. I wish good luck to my teammates of Real Madrid who will also be fighting with their fellow national teams and hopefully one of us will be the next champions’’. Benzema said.