It is more difficult to defend against Karim Benzema than Luis Suarez

Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand has stated that it is more difficult to defend against Karim Benzema than against Luis Suarez.

The former Manchester United had faced Benzema when he was playing for Real Madrid in the Champions League and had played against Suarez when he was at Liverpool.

He said that Karim Benzema is a different player and has good movement off the ball. He is quick with both the left and right foot making it difficult to anticipate his movement. He said that it was harder to play against Benzema than Suarez because he is so swift with his movement.

According to Rio Ferdinand, Benzema can take you out of position quickly and free up space for his teammate. He said that his movement is so good that you only discover that you have been drawn out of position at the last minute.

This season Suarez has been more proficient in front of goals than Benzema in the Liga. He has managed to score 59 goals in 53 appearances while the Frenchman has managed 28 goals in 36 appearances for Real Madrid.

There is news that Karim Benzema might be moving to Manchester United in the summer. The Red Devils who have a new manager in Jose Mourinho will be looking for players that will improve their attacking options. But it is difficult to believe that Zidane will be allowing a player of his caliber to leave in the summer.

There is also news that Rio Ferdinand might be given a coaching role at Manchester United. Jose Mourinho has been keen to build his backroom staff and has considered the former Manchester United defender as a potential coach. The Portuguese manager apparently does not want to distort the United culture and is keen to keep as many former players as possible in the coaching staff.