Karim Benzema And His Future

Some players are brilliant on the field, but there might be issues that prevent them from being part of the big league game.

Karim Benzema is one such name that has been involved in certain controversies, but his country has definitely felt his absence from the Euro 2016. After the French Football Federation did not include his name in the French team for the tournament, many have been wondering whether his presence would have made sure that the country lifted the trophy if he had been part of the final team. Being charged with alleged blackmail of a compatriot over a sex tape had him banned from playing the tournament this year.

The national team definitely needed some more expertise which would have helped them prevent the Portugal team from lifting the trophy. However, the pending proceedings in the court case came at a time that prevented this player from clearing his name and getting back on the national squad in time for the tournament.

This player has a reputation, being a player from Real Madrid who would have been the missing link to seal the victory that the country was so close to getting on home ground. Juventus is looking at including this player in their squad this year. There are replacements being looked at for Alvaro Morata and Benzema is one of the possibilities, though Alexis from Barcelona is the first consideration. Madrid and Juve have had a good relationship going on for some time. For that reason Benzema might be on for the transfer. It would definitely help to make things look up for the player who was unable to play for France. Fans are definitely looking forward to seeing him play again this season. It would definitely help to move things along and help him to get over the stigma that is currently plaguing his career.