The Real Madrid striker, Karim Benzema, has said that he has no idea why Cristiano Ronaldo is sad these days.
After Madrid’s match against Granada, Ronaldo had rattled the management staff of Madrid by saying that he is a bit upset at the moment and the club is quite aware of the reason why he is upset. However, Ronaldo had clearly said that his wages are not the reason of his unhappiness.

When Benzema was asked about Ronaldo’s sadness, he said, “Ronaldo is a very good friend of mine. We have been playing alongside each other since the last three years and we tend to talk to each other a lot. But, he hasn’t told me about the reason of his sadness. With me, he is quite normal and so is he with the other guys as well. But, I got surprised when he didn’t celebrate those two goals. There might be some serious reason behind it. But, whatever it is, I want this issue to be resolved quickly so that he could concentrate on his game.”

However, that so called ‘sadness’ didn’t seem to have affected Ronaldo’s game even a single bit. The Portuguese superstar scored two goals against Granada and then, scored the match winning goal in the Champions League match against Manchester City in the last minute.

Benzema who also found the net for Madrid against Manchester City got excited when asked about that match. The French international said, “It was a thriller. It was certainly one of the greatest matches that I have ever played in my career. The level of intensity of the players in the last 10 minutes was just terrific. It was good that we ended up on the winning side, but, that match could have gone either way.”

Real Madrid will now take on Rayo Vallecano in a La Liga match on 24th of September.